Looking Back…

As my first semester at Emerson College comes to a close, I can’t wait to get off campus and fly those thousands of miles back to Texas the day before Christmas eve.

When I think about what I will be leaving behind here on campus, my journalism blog springs to mind as one of the most timely and innovative assignments I had to do.

In a world where pretty much everyone can have their opinion read by the world thanks to their blogs, journalists must learn the power of the internet and social media and use it to their advantage.

Following my reporter from The Boston Globe, Tracy Jan, was a blessing. Reading and critiquing stories about higher education and the multitude of colleges that surrounded my new home was both informative and entertaining.

I’ve actually had the experience of reading news about my own school that I had no idea was actually occuring through Tracy’s articles in The Globe, such as the tenure issue that Tracy said was actually inspired by an investigative article she read in the Berkley Beacon.

Looking through the statistics for my blog, I get about ten views a week, mostly from myself. So I may not be reaching a huge audience, but the point is that its here.

A search with just the right phrase and anyone can stumble onto my blog to read just what I have to say on the subject of higher education and Tracy Jan.


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